About the EMMAs
For the first time in history, we have created a formidable platform to recognize the hard work put in by individuals and organizations who have played and continue to play a critical and prominent role in building the entertainment industry from the East and continues to grow its body of art.
We will also host a stakeholders conference with the theme
The EMMA is a three days event. A celebration of creativity, history and tradition in music, film and the larger body of art. It is a moment to recognize and honour excellence in entertainment. It will be the biggest platform in the South East for the entertainment industry and a night of star constellation.
The EMMA will be a definitive annual event where stars, celebrities, and artists will gather to perform, connect, celebrate and be honoured. It will follow global templates like the BET, VMA, EMMY, and OSCARS
It is also an avenue to gather industry stakeholders who will discuss in a conference, how to grow the industry and make it compete favourably in the global market whilst enriching practitioners.
The EMMA is created to raise the competition, challenge the norm, foster collaboration, innovate and sell Naija to the world through Eastern Entertainment.
This conference will be a gathering of all stakeholders in the entertainment industry. The purpose is to discuss, strategize, and design a new workable system that can help the industry grow bigger and become more profitable for all practitioners. The theme is Enriching the Industry through Character, Content, and Capital.
Actors, actresses, producers, directors, directors of photography's, marketers, music artists, record label owners, investors, corporate brands, promoters and the media will be the delegates to the conference.
To establish an indigenous platform that will contribute to the growth of the entertainment industry in the south eastern region and across Nigeria.
South/East Region

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